Monday, September 28, 2009

Food Event: Sushi Party!

I love sushi and would eat it every day if I could. However, there's one big problem with that- sushi is expensive, and I have a huge appetite! I can seriously take down 3-4 rolls by myself, which quickly adds up. So what's a girl to do? One of my friends, Elana, came to the rescue this past weekend and made... yes, you know it...  homemade sushi! I'd heard of people making sushi at home, but I never thought that I could pull it off. Those sushi chefs in Japanese restaurants are a bit intimidating! Elana and her husband Dan frequently make sushi at home, and she broke down the process for me. I was impressed by how affordable, simple and fun it was to make sushi at home. And the best part? You can eat as much as you want! Here are a few pictures from the evening. Thanks to Elana and Dan for the sushi feast!

Rolling the sushi. Place the rice on the nori (seaweed), top with fresh fish and veggies, and roll and tuck using the handy dandy sushi mat!

The finished rolls pre-cut. Rolls included veggie, spicy salmon, spicy tuna and marlin. The spicy mayo was HOT!

The finished feast! Delicious!

The meal was served with delicious Miso Soup, along with potstickers and edamame.

Wine of the night- Sterling Vineyards 2007 Sauvignon Blanc. The crisp, light, lemon flavors perfect complemented the fresh sushi and spicy sauce.

If you are interested in learning more about making sushi at home check out the following article:

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